what is it?


Promote your art in a smarter, more social and direct way
by sharing, renting and selling your artworks.
  • A complete online tool for the self-management of your portfolio
  • No commissions, totally free for artists (see details)
  • No middle-man, meet directly those who love your art
  • A place for your events and merch shop in a growing community
  • Where your borrowers help you spread your art in their circles and on their social networks

Art Lovers

More than artworks shared for free by artists in your community, for rent, artworks to be adopted for life.
  • Discover amazing artworks from artists in your community
  • Meet artists in person and have meaningful exchanges about their art
  • Promote the artists you believe in by introducing them to your circle
  • Partake in the democratisation of visual arts
  • Live in unique spaces tailored to your artistic sensitivity and taste

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