Share, Rent, Sell

Here is a great recipe for artistic exposure : share your art for free to art lovers in your community for limited periods, pre-determined by you. Not only will they exhibit your art and share it on social medias, but this will in turn inspire people to live with art. Your borrowers, now bonded to your art pieces,
might decide to adopt them completely.

the boss

ArtBangBang is an opportunity for artists to take back the management of their careers. No more middlemen, as you can now have the artistic visibility that fits your motivation and involvement. With social networks and the use of the internet, self-management is now possible. Stop waiting for the art market to invite you in, take it over!

Wake up your
sleeping art

No exhibitions planned? Is the artwork in your studio just sitting there and collecting dust? No upcoming sales? Don't let your art just lie around when you could exhibit it in somebody’s life for all to admire. Have people take care of your art while you're planning something big for it.

Social media

We all know social networks have changed the way we live our private and public lives. What if, instead of posting cat videos and details from our day to day lives, we could share art news, events, behind the canvas highlights and details about your different sales? Lets invade social media with pictures of our ongoing creations, invitations to events and art news in order to create our artistic identity, which your fans will undoubtedly love to discover. To learn how, click here

Ever thought
about art merch?

Are you looking for a way to finance your studio lease, your art material or the organization of a future exhibition? Why not offer art merch to your fans? Let's create a two speed art market; on one side you can sell your expensive art pieces to the highest bidders and on the other, you can offer more accessible art merch to your more modestly budgeted fans. Create t-shirts, prints, framed sketches, post cards, pins and so on by using artBangBang as an online store to sell and exhibit your work everywhere.

Local sharing,

By sharing and renting your art in your local community, your collectors are in charge of sharing your profile on their social networks. ArtBangBang then gives you the visibility you want throughout the art world, giving anybody the opportunity to discover your profile and share it, whether it’s here or overseas.

Have a bigger
public to your

On artBangBang, you can now advertise your art events and exhibitions by registering them on an event calendar, highlighting the exhibitions that are going on in your local community. This way, a wider public will have the opportunity to discover and go to your events and exhibitions.

for a while?

Are you escaping the doldrums of winter? Have you got an amazing opportunity to do an artist residence abroad? Or do you simply need a little vacation? No need to stay available 365 days a year on artBangBang, as you can manage your account availabilities in order to satisfy you and art lovers. Another opportunity to self manage your career!

Tired of your
boring walls?

Why be satisfied with old posters and sad empty walls when you can now have authentic artworks that will make your environement original yet personal? Art makes your day to day life more colorful and unique as it yields emotion and provokes thought. Experimenting with free art sharing will make your personal and/or professional space more human and singular, all the while decorating your living room, kitchen, office or conference room.

Meet the artist

Borrowing and renting art in your local community will give you the opportunity to meet the artist directly. With artBangBang, art lovers can discover his/her creative world, ask him/her questions about his/her artistic process or get explanations about how to install or transport the chosen art piece. ArtBangBang uses an electronic media to provoke warm and personal meetings that help members of community to get closer.

Art for free...
unless you buy it!

In order to democratize the art market, artBangBang encourages free sharing of artworks for periods determined by the artists. During your borrowing contract, you have the opportunity to officially purchase the art piece whenever you want. However, it should be noted that when you borrow, another buyer can decide to buy the art piece you have exhibited. A sale will always bypass a free share!

Support the
projects of
awesome artists!

You believe in the talent of many artists but you can't afford all of their artworks? Each and every artist profile have a "Donate to project" button that you can use to encourage the artist's work by helping out with the amount of your choice.

Who said art is
too expensive?

If you think that some of the original artworks are too expensive for your budget, artBangBang gives artists the opportunity to offer art merch to their fans in order to satisfy all artistic needs. You'll discover on some artist's profiles that T-shirts, prints, post cards and much more art merch created by the artists are a good way for you to acquire art without spending thousands.

You find
contemporary art

So you think that your 4 year old kid could have done this abstract painting? Do you consider contemporary art to be this impossible enigma? By visiting the different artists profiles available on artBangBang, you can read artists statements, as well as refer to their explanations and their inspirations. Art education has never been so accessible !