How does it work?

Browse our website to look for artwork created by artists in your local community. Once you’ve chosen the pieces you like, contact the artist directly if you want to purchase, rent or borrow his/her artwork and to arrange an exchange.

Why meet the artists in person?

The exchange is the perfect opportunity for the artist to explain to you the concept behind their work and to answer any questions you may have. This is to encourage open dialogue about contemporary art, so that you can live with and relate to the artwork hanging on your walls.

How can I get involved in artBangBang?

Here are some ideas that you can do to get involved:
– Get the word out on all your social networks what is artBangBang & how we are changing the art market!
– If you are also an artist, create a profile and share your work on artBangBang. We’re always on the lookout for new artists. AND, invite your art colleagues to join so you can extend your social community and gain greater exposure for your work.
– If you are an art collector or fan, BORROW, rent or buy artwork by local artists. By exhibiting them in your house or business, your friends and the community around you will discover how easy it is for anyone to own original art without going broke.
– Organize artistic events and share them on the artBangBang calendar.
– Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest

I have ideas or suggestions! Where can I send them to?

If you have thought about it, it's probably because you're right! The artBangBang initiative is still young and we are open to new ideas. This platform is still starting out, so we want to know the needs of the artists, as well as the collectors. Creative minds: send us an email at team@artbangbang.com

My question isn’t here. Can you help me?

Of course! Write us an email at team@artbangbang.com and we will answer as fast as possible.