Can I submit my work to artBangBang?

Of course! Artists of any stage, talent or experience, regardless of their location, can present their artwork through artBangBang. When you create your personalized profile, you can decide whether you want to share, rent or sell your artwork and also offer to sell art merch.

How does the community work?

Our platform represents a network of local communities, which connect and facilitate the discoveries of local artists among the general public, as well as the international art market. This platform offers the artist the opportunity to promote their work on a personalized profile, and to share their artwork to a greater community of users via social media. The amount of exchanges and engagement between the artist and the collector is dependent on the effort of both parties.

How do « circles » work?

Each and every artist and collector, once they created a profile, can follow local and international artists in order to create art playlists and promote artworks on their social networks and in their personal lives. This is where the whole artist activity is available.

How do I create an artist profile?

ArtBangBang offers the artist a modular, easy-to-use interface to create your personal profile. You can present your artwork as a professional portfolio, with title, medium, format, year of creation and the price. You can also upload your artist statement, a bio, any press and different links to your work.

What happens if a borrower damages my artwork?

Each borrower has to accept a contract of legal terms and regulations for borrowing an artwork. This contract explains that if a borrower damages the borrowed work, he/she has to pay the total price to the artist.

Why do I have to provide a price in order to have my art piece listed online?

That is why it is important for the artist to determine the selling price in the contract as well as the website, so that the borrowers know how much it is worth and the risk of borrowing. Also, the borrower is required to present a credit card number at the time of signing the contract. No amount will be charged, but this step confirms his contact information so that he/she will always be traceable and to protect you, the artist.