What is artBangBang?

By harnessing the power of social networks, the artist can free share, rent and sell his/her artwork locally and abroad. Artists can create personalized profiles, connect with other artists, and self-distribute their work.

What is artBangBang's mission?

ArtBangBang is a project that tries to remove the barriers between the public and the art creators. We strive to reinvent the art market by tapping into today’s technologies and online distribution. Also, art that would have normally be hidden from view, waiting for exhibitions, can now be seen and shared in just a few clicks.

How does artBangBang democratize the accessibility to visual art?

ArtBangBang represents a new wave in art distribution and democratization of art consumption. It is a platform that connects artists to the public.

How does artBangBang help the self-management of artist carriers?

Without the middlemen, artBangBang offers artists the opportunity to manage their own careers and organize the distribution of their own work. By tapping into the online community, it allows greater exposure of their work to the international community.

How does artBangBang participate in the artistic education of the general public?

Through sharing, renting and buying these artworks, the public have the opportunity to learn more about contemporary art by directly connecting with local artists.

So, how do I get started as an artist?

Start by creating a personalized profile on artBangBang. Upload the work that you want to share, rent, or sell to your local community. Then promote your page on your different social networks, while establishing relationships with other local artists and their social networks. Grow your network to gain greater exposure! Your profile can also serve as an e-commerce platform where you can sell your own art merch created by you. A «donation» button on your profile gives the option for your fans around the world to support you.

So, how do I get started as a collector and art fan?

Click through the different artist profiles on artBangBang and choose your favourite pieces. You have the option to borrow, rent or buy them by contacting the artist directly. By doing so, you will be playing an important role in the local art market and, of course, you will have boasting rights when someone asks about your new artwork hanging in your home or business. If purchasing an artwork is not affordable at this time, you may choose to buy art merch offered by the artist (ex. t-shirts, prints, framed sketches, etc.) or you can make a donation directly to support local talent.

Why free share art?

Traditional visual art is expensive. That's why only a few can afford to buy and exhibit art in our homes and offices. The majority of us can only afford no-name posters and generic frames. But what if it was free? What if artists willingly shared their artwork for free? Instead of going through institutions like galleries, what if art pieces could be shared or sold directly by the artist through the web? That is why most of art pieces available on artBangBang are free, except, if you decide to buy them!

Why borrow an art piece before buying it?

By offering to art lovers the possibility to try an art piece before a purchase, they don’t have to fear making a transaction they might regret.