The crew

Bassem El Hachem
a.k.a. Architect of the Matrix
Ariane Cote
a.k.a. Light Catcher
Sarah Migos
a.k.a. Shadow Hater
Web Designer
Marco Battista
a.k.a. Lens of the Tiger-Eagle
Film Director
Frédérique Marseille
a.k.a. Mastermind Orator
in every major city in the world
-Community building
-Event planning
Programmer needed
help build artBangBang's website
-Creative and driven

The humble beginnings of a huge project

November 2013 : it had been a long fall. After a clean-up of her bedroom-studio, handyartist Frederique Marseille decided to share two of her paintings on Facebook. A couple of hours later, twenty-six people, friends or strangers, revealed interest in exhibiting her paintings in their homes.

The idea was born. Art has to be shared. A few days later, the pilote project Prêt d'art was online, ready to host art sharing in Montreal, Quebec.

In just a few months, about than 30 artists free shared more than 100 artworks in Montreal. Many borrowers even decided to buy and adopt the art pieces forever and became art collectors! Articles and interviews were also published on the project and helped spread the project's art sharing mission.

“Many borrowers even decided to buy and adopt the art pieces forever”

“The idea was born. Art has to be shared”

April 2014 : Bassem El Hachem, programmer and passionate about art, appears like a miracle in Prêt d'art's inbox. By merging his cartesian mind to Frederique's imaginary drifts, the huge project artBangBang was born.

The two headed beast was later joined by Sarah Migos, a chilled out graphic designer with neat and inspirational ideas. The image of the new web plateform is born from this great collaboration and long workdays in Montreal's cafes!

Many other creators joined our troups in order to help the project grow really fast. Discover them below.

A special thanks to all the artists and art lovers who believed in the project from it's beginnings and were willing to share and borrow art!


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